The Principe Sforza Ruspoli Foundation, strongly supported by Maria Pia Ruspoli and her daughter Giacinta, was established to promote the awareness of the cultural heritage of Cerveteri and its castle, as well as to foster the development of culture in such an important archaeological area as Cerveteri, the cradle of the Etruscans.

The Principe Sforza Ruspoli Foundation is named after Lillio “Sforza Marescotti Ruspoli (Rome, January 23, 1927 – Rome, October 25, 2022), an Italian politician, business executive, and banker who also served as the ambassador of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

Sforza Ruspoli is the son of Francesco Ruspoli, the VIII Prince of Cerveteri, and his wife Claudia Matarazzo, the daughter of the prominent Italo-Brazilian entrepreneur Francesco Matarazzo.

Throughout his life, Prince Sforza Ruspoli dedicated himself to promoting his beloved Principality of Cerveteri and the preservation of the castle.